About Us

Because we have a large extended family, we seemed to attend a lot of weddings.  Most people are familiar with the feeling of sitting down at a wedding service and wondering how long the actual ceremony will take before the fun, social part starts – the reception – the part with the food and drinks and entertainment!

Years ago, we started timing the wedding service.  This inevitably led to guessing ahead of time how long the service would last.  Since we are a brother and sister, of course this became a contest.  Eventually, we allowed other family members, and then other wedding guests to get in on the game.  In our family, this game has become so well known that we have had officiants mention it during the service, and we routinely announce the winner at the reception.

Whenever we have introduced the game to others, they have loved it!  It really keeps people focused on the wedding ceremony, and it’s also a great ice breaker at the reception.  

The game is really simple, but once you start trying to include the whole congregation, it becomes too difficult and time consuming to manage with pen and paper.  

We decided to create the VowTimer app, so that we could share the game our family really enjoys, and make it so much easier to manage.  We hope you have as much fun with VowTimer as we have!