The ideal Time Keeper is the Father or Mother of the Groom.  Both of these people probably attended the rehearsal, so they are not eligible, but they are not actually up at the altar and busy during the service.  Other examples might be: the wedding planner, or an usher who is not seating the Mother of the Bride.

Time starts when the Mother of the Bride is seated.  She is supposed to be the last person formally seated before the processional starts.  In the event that there is not a Mother of the Bride, time would start at the seating of the last person formally seated before the procession starts.  This is usually a well-defined moment.

Time stops when the officiant announces the married couple, as in, “I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Whoever.”  We recognize that there can be many variations on this wording, but there is almost always a presentation of the newly married couple at the end of the service, immediately before the recessional.

The winner is the person who guesses the time closest to the actual time of the ceremony.  It doesn’t matter whether the time guessed is over or under the actual time, just the closest guess.  If there were ever 2 guesses equally distant from the actual time, both guesses win, and the winners can split the prize. 

Yes, guesses will not be accepted until the participant “Checks In” at the ceremony.

No, the guessing is closed when the Time Keeper starts the event clock.

That is completely up to the event organizer.  Ideas might be a bottle of wine or champagne, a dance with the bride or groom, or some other wedding themed prize. 

In our opinion, it is preferable to announce the winner at the reception, possibly during one of the speeches, such as the Best Man’s toast. This makes the anticipation of the result of the game an icebreaker at the reception. Since most weddings receptions have many people who don’t know each other, the game gives them something to talk about immediately. It is possible to use the app to announce the winner. This method can be used if the game is not being played by the majority of the wedding participants and an announcement during the reception would not be appropriate.

Sure! – but why would you want to?

  1. Navigate to the Menu in the VowTimer application.
  2. Select My Profile.
  3. Select Delete Profile highlighted in black at the bottom of the page.