10 Inspiring Examples of Wedding Vows You’ll Want to Steal

wedding vows for guests

Your wedding vows mark the start of your lifelong commitment to each other. But coming up with the perfect romantic, funny, or touching sentiments can feel daunting. Where do you even begin to encapsulate your deep love and hopes for the future?

Don’t stress – let these incredible real-life vow examples spark inspiration for crafting your unique promises. Ranging from ultra-romantic to quirky humor, these vows give insight into what makes a memorable, meaningful set of promises on your big day.

Read on for 10 amazing vows to inspire you to speak from the heart when you say “I do!”

Tradition-Infused Vows

If you want classic, timeless vows, incorporate traditional phrasing with a personal twist. These examples blend custom details into proven promises of forever:

Focusing On Each Other’s Needs

“I promise to be the man/woman you can always depend on. Your hopes, dreams, and needs will forever be my priority over my own. When trials arise, I vow to face them with you as one – committed to understanding you and being understood.”

Cherishing Every Day

“I choose you this day and forevermore as my [husband/wife/spouse]. I promise to love, encourage, trust, and cherish you – not just when it’s easy but when life gets hard. I will work to remind you daily that you are loved so you will never go a day without feeling my love.”

Embracing Change Together

“I vow to walk by your side on this journey of life. I promise to love who you are today and all that you’ll become. As we grow together and change over the years, I pledge to choose you again and again – embracing all versions of you with joy.”

Short & Sweet Vows

Keep it simple but heartfelt. These short vows say so much with just a few words:

Forever Yours

“I am completely and forever yours. My heart will belong to you always.”

Your Person Forever

“You are my person – today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Love You Still

“When we’re old and gray, I’ll still look at you the way I do today. I’ll love you always.”

Funny Vows with Personal Touches

Add humor and personal details for delightfully funny wedding vows. For guests, it will be great entertainment, laughing endlessly while listening to your words:

For Better or For Worse… But Mostly Better

“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms – whether super hangry, ridiculously gassy, or going on a tangent about starfish. I promise to make you laugh daily, have all your favorite snacks stocked, and only poke fun at your weird quirks on special occasions.”

Effortless Love

“Being with you just feels easy and meant to be. So I happily vow to change all your annoying Spotify presets, slurp obnoxiously to make you crazy, and stick my cold feet on you nightly. Because your love makes even my quirks lovable. And I like seeing your cranky face.”

Adventure Partner

“Life is one crazy adventure, and I’m so glad I get to be your partner in crime. I vow to always say yes to your wildest ideas – whether adopting 12 cats or moving to Mars. As long as we’re together, I’m game. Even if your ideas are totally bonkers. I love you!”

Sentimental & Emotional Wedding Vows For You, And Your Guests

These vows pull at heartstrings by emphasizing emotional connections:

You’re My Home

“Wherever you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people. And your home will be my home. My heart is overflowing knowing I get to share a home with my best friend.”

You See the Real Me

“Beyond the roles I play in life, you see the real me. Flaws, quirks, and all. Your love makes me feel safe to embrace all that I am. I vow to see, support, and love your true self as well – in beautiful and broken moments.”

My Cheerleader

“You have been my biggest cheerleader. Through every new goal, you unconditionally believe in and encourage me. I promise to be your dependable cheerleader too – celebrating your wins and motivating you in defeats. With you by my side, I know any dream is possible.”

Unique & Symbolic Vows

Make your promises unforgettable and intimate with symbolic rituals:

Vows Of Unity Through Water

“As separate vessels of water become one in joining, so too do I seek to unite my life with yours. To embrace both calm and chaotic currents together. And allow our bonded journey to leave beauty in its wake.” (Pour unity vessel of water)

Vows Of Warmth Through Candle Flame

“This candle symbolizes the glowing spark between us that ignited our love. I vow to nurture our mutual flame, protecting it from harsh winds. So it may grow into a steadfast light that warms us through all our years together.” (Light unity candle)

Vows Of Strength Through Cord Binding

“I bind myself to you this day, not in bondage but as an equal partner. Our love makes us stronger and able to weather storms. I will lean on your strength as you lean on mine while life ebbs and flows.” (Tie unity cord on wrists)

Uplifting Spiritual or Religious Vows

These samples intertwine faith-based phrases in personal ways:

Blessing Each Other

“I vow to make our home a sanctuary filled with compassion and devotion to our faith. To bless each moment we share – in both adversity and joy. And to keep God at the center of our life as individuals and as a couple.”

Walking In Faith

“With love as my guide, I pledge a life of faith with you. When the path wanders, I will lift you. When you stumble, I will catch you with compassion. Together, we will walk forward in God’s light wherever this journey leads.”

God First, Then Each Other

“I promise that God will come first in our marriage. To make time for spiritual practices together – whether in church, in nature, or at home. So He may strengthen our bonds to each other and purpose in this world.”

Conclusion: Find Wedding Vow Inspiration

Your wedding vows for guests will be one of the most powerful moments of your life. Summarizing your love and hopes in just minutes can feel hugely daunting!

Let the incredible examples above spark inspiration as you craft meaningful, memorable wedding vows. For guests, all the promises you make on your special day reflect on your unique relationship. Share special memories. Infuse humor and personal details. Vow to support each other’s highest potential. However you express your commitment, speak genuinely from the heart.

If you feel stuck drafting your vows, revisit these samples to reignite ideas until the words flow naturally. However long or short, funny or symbolic, your vows will guide your marriage. Capture the intimate essence of your love’s next chapter.


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